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Vantin is used for treating mild to moderate infections caused by certain bacteria.

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Vantin is an antibacterial medicine that is used to treat a number of bacterial infections commonly on a larger scale. A cephalosporin antibiotic terminates the growth of bacteria in the body to eliminate the infection. Vantin can only be used to treat the bacterial infections it is not to treat the viral infections such as commonly flu and cold.


Like all the other antibiotics, Vantin is also a prescription medicine and recommended to be used according to the directions by the doctor. The self-medication can lead to the less effective or crucial results. The Vantin does have some kind of its own reactions in the human body that could lead towards the side effects sometimes, so in the case of self-medication the person have to face the ultimate problems in the end. So, it is recommended to take the Vantin by mouth in the prescribed amount and just the way it is described on the label to avoid any problem.

Direction for use

  • The overdose of Vantin can cause some of the crucial after effects so it is recommended to not to use the medicine against the directions.
  • In the case of overdose, make sure you will take the urgent medical attention and terminate the use of Vantin.
  • It is a prescription medicine and cannot be shared with the other people even with the same symptoms or problems.
  • You can only use the medication for the current problem, for any other second infection, you have to consult your doctor once again.
  • Do not use Vantin for an extended period of time or in larger amount as it can sue you the second infection
  • Make sure do not skip the dose to ensure the quick and accurate treatment of the problem
  • In case of repeatedly skipping the medicine the infection can prolong for a long time and will require another treatment
  • If you have missed, a dose then takes it as soon as possible but if it the time of the net one then skips the previous one and simply goes with the scheduled dose.

Side effects

If you are not using the Vantin as per to the prescription then you have to face some of the major side effects that can lead to any other second infection as well:

  • Change in vision, slur speech
  • Vomiting, diarrhea
  • stomachache
  • mood swings, psychological changes
  • skin allergies
  • vaginal itching or unusual discharge
  • rashes, itching or swelling in throat, face or tongue
  • chest pain and short breaths

Frequent diarrhea can lead the situation to the worst but it is not recommended to use anti-diarrhea medication without consulting a doctor. If you are facing such problems in using Vantin then consult your doctor immediately. It is not necessary that everyone has to face such problems; these reactions can be mild, or severe according to the patient’s medical history.

Special recommendations

Before starting up with the medicine, it is recommended to discuss your medical history and allergies to medicines with the doctor. In the case of conceiving, a baby or nursing the newborn is careful with the use of Vantin. N any emergency consult your doctor immediately.

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