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Nitrofurantoin is used for treating and preventing urinary tract infections caused by certain bacteria.

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Nitrofurantoin is an antibacterial medication that is commonly used to treat the infections of urinary tract on a larger scale. The medications come up with some of its limitations of use and proper guidance that needs to be followed by the person who is using the medication. A prescription medicine cannot be used under the self-treatment strategy.


Being a prescribed medication it is important for the patient to use the Nitrofurantoin according to the doctor’s prescription and do not share it with any other patient even with the same symptoms of problems. The case of every patient is different and the medicine cannot be used by everyone in the same manner because the reaction of the medicine to the body can be different. Therefore, it is highly recommended that Nitrofurantoin should be used according to the prescription and should not be shared as well. For better and quick treatment, it is important to have your medicine regularly in a way that is described on the label and do not miss any dose.

Direction for use

Nitrofurantoin is commonly taken with food such as in between your meals while on the other hand if you are taking the liquid Nitrofurantoin then you can mix with any other liquid such milk, water, juice etc.

Use the Nitrofurantoin for the prescribe length of time to get completely cured by the infection, if you cut the time short it will cause a bad impact and might immune the bacteria to the medicine and you need to go through any other treatment

In the case of using Nitrofurantoin for a longer period, you need to have regular lab tests to study the reactions of your body.

If you missed a dose and it is the time for the next one then go with the schedules does and skip the previous one

Store your medicine at the room temperature and keep it out of reach of the kids at home.

Side effects

The common and nominal side effects or reactions of Nitrofurantoin that are faced temporarily by the people are

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Upset stomach
  • Mild diarrhea
  • Virginal discharge or itching

Sometimes in combination with other medicines of factors in your body, things can get worst and some of the serious reaction can occur such a:

  • Bloody or watery diarrhea
  • A dry cough, fever, chills body pain
  • Tiredness, weakness, tingling, numbness, pain in hands and feet
  • Liver problems stomach ache
  • Sudden chest pain, trouble breathing
  • Skin rashes
  • Unusual behaviors and thoughts

If you are facing any of these symptoms while using the Nitrofurantoin, you need to consult your doctor.

Special recommendations

  • It is strongly recommended to not to use the Nitrofurantoin medication when you are in the last 4 to 2 weeks of pregnancy
  • Before starting up with your treatment you need to discuss your medical history and present conditions with your doctor in detail
  • Make sure to discuss all your medicine and food allergies with your doctor
  • If you have suffered or suffering from severe kidney problems or liver issues then avoid the use of Nitrofurantoin as it can instigate the factors.

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