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Terramycin is used for treating infections caused by certain bacteria.

Terramycin 250 mg


Terramycin is also termed as oxytetracycline is an antibiotic that is use to treat the bacterial infections. It simply reduces the development of drug-resistant bacteria and helps the patient to recover from the infection as soon as possible. Commonly it is used for the infections like.


Terramycin is an antibiotic that can only be used according to the prescription of the doctor. Without recommendation, it is not a safe drug to use because it has some certain reactions to your body. If you will go for the self-medication with v then you might end up with something serious or life-threatening as well. Make sure you will have a detailed discussion with your doctor before getting started with your medication and discuss your previous medical history with your doctor. This will help the doctor to give you a suitable prescription. Do not change or alter the use of medicine according to your own ideas or preferences.

Direction for use

  • Do not skip your medicine as it can prolong the medication period of Terramycin
  • Using the Terramycin for longer period of time can cause the risk of a second infection in the body
  • Make sure o use the recommended medicine type only
  • Do not terminate or extend the use of Terramycin according to your own perception
  • If you are facing the crucial reactions or side effects, consult your doctor immediately
  • If you have skipped a dose then do not take the double dose together to complete the daily cycle, in fact, skip the previous one, and go for the scheduled one.
  • Make sure you are taking up the medicine in its original form and according to the directions give on the label
  • Avoid the other medicines that can react with Terramycin and cause problems

Side effects

Following are the common side effects that are observed due to the use of Terramycin, but it is not necessary that all the patients will have these reactions.

  • Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, stomachache
  • A sore throat, skin reactions, rashes, inflammation
  • Unusual bleeding
  • Vaginal irritation or discharge
  • Kidney or liver problems
  • Fast heart rate or blood pressure
  • Dizziness, sleep disorder, headache
  • Body pain, unusual illness, fever, cold or joint pain

Special recommendations

  • The use of Terramycin is not favorable for the unborn or newborn, so the pregnant or nursing females should avoid the medicine or consult the doctor in extreme conditions
  • Do not prolong the use of Terramycin
  • Avoid using reactive medicines or food items that can react with Terramycin and cause your trouble ahead
  • Take care of your daily routine and observe the effects of medicine on your body and mental conditions to keep a positive track on your health
  • Discuss your medical history including your allergies to medicines or food with your doctor to avoid the further problems
  • In case of worst reactions or effects on your body, seek the medical attention immediately
  • If you are feeling better with the initial use of Terramycin then do not terminate the use, in fact, complete the treatment once so the infection will be cured completely.

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