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Cefixime is used for treating infections caused by certain bacteria.

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Cefixime is the antibiotic that is use to kill the sensitive bacteria in order to treat some of the bacterial infections. It is recommended to have Cefixime as per to the doctor’s prescription after complete consultancy of the individual.


Just as all the other antibiotics Cefixime can only be used with the prescription of the doctor as, only a qualified doctor can suggest the right dose for the patient. It is important to get healthy in short time to take the medicine on time and regularly without any delay and make sure to use the medicine as prescribed by the doctor specifically.

Direction for use

It is recommended to take Cefixime by mouth with or without food. If you are having mild diarrhea then take it with food that will reduce the stomach irritation. If you miss the dose and now it is the time for the next one then miss the previous one and go with the schedule. Make sure you will not miss any of the doses and will take it at the same time every day. Do not extend your usage of the medicine for all longer period as it can cause other infections of side effects commonly. Use the medicine as it is prescribed on the label in the medicine. Do not change the form of the medicine while having Cefixime and check out the potency of the medicine you are using.

Side effects

All the body compositions and infection conditions are not same and do have their own qualities, it is not necessary that if one person is good with a medication then other can also go for it as well. Patients under the treatment with Cefixime face different kinds of reactions and side effects. Some patients face no, mild or severe effects of the medication that is why it is recommended to use the medicine after a complete session with your doctor. The common or mild reactions of Cefixime are:

  • Gas, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea
  • Loose stool or stomachache

Following are the severe conditions that alarm you to consult your doctor immediately and terminate the use of the medicine:

  • Rashes, hive, itching
  • Mouth, tongue, lips or faces swelling
  • Short breathing, chest pain
  • Bloody stool
  • Decreased urination
  • Vomiting or stomachache
  • Yellowing of eyes or skin
  • Itching in vagina or discharge
  • Some people can also have some other kind of resembled side effects of the Cefixime.

Special recommendations

When you are taking Cefixime, you have to be careful about the following things:

  • Do not take alcohol, as it will enhance the dizziness that you will actually face with the use of Cefixime.
  • You should not drive when you have taken the medicine, in fact, try to be at home in that timing
  • Do not change the forms of medicine on your own without any doctor’s recommendation
  • Cefixime is to treat the bacterial problems it is not for the viral issues
  • Make sure to complete your treatment on time if you make a delay then infection could get worse as bacteria can immune to it and will be hard to treat.
  • In the case of any major side effect, consult your doctor immediately.

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