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Zyvox is used to treat different types of bacterial infections, such pneumonia, skin infections, and infections that are resistant to other antibiotics.

Zyvox 600 mg


Zyvox is an antibacterial medicine that is used to treat different bacterial infections such as skin infections, pneumonia, and infections that are resistant to the antibiotics. In the severity of the problem doctor, use the Zyvox to treat the problem. Apart from the mentioned reasons, the medicine can be used to treat different problems in combination with other medications.


Zyvox can be taken according to the doctor’s prescription by following the instructions mentioned on the label of the medicine. Do not use the medicine in larger or smaller amount for a longer period as it can cause a second infection in the body too. Make sure to not to skip any dose and complete the medication course in the mean time. In the case of missing a dose takes it as soon as possible, but if it is the time of next scheduled dose then go for it and skip the previous one.

Direction for use

  • Zyvox can be injected into the blood through a vein if you are taking the injectable Zyvox or else you can go for the oral suspension as well.
  • Make sure you will have a proper training to take the injection at home so you will get the exact amount of medicine and inject it properly.
  • You should dispose of the injection needle, syringe, and other used things properly.
  • You can take Zyvox with or without food
  • If you are taking the oral suspension of the medicine then make sure you will have a measuring cup to get the exact amount of medicine.
  • Store the medicine at room temperature and keep away from moisture and extreme heat
  • Do not use the oral suspension that is open and unused for more than 21 days
  • While having Zyvox you might have to take several blood tests and other lab tests frequently to keep a check on your blood composition and vision stability during the treatment.

Side effects

Diarrhea, vision problems, changes in color visions, hallucinations, fever, chills, illness, short breath, rapid heart rate, bruising, bleeding, vaginal itching or discharge , muscular pain and weakness, rashes, sleeping problems, headache or dizziness are the common side effects of Zyvox that can turn worst sometimes.

Special recommendations

  • While you are on the medication of Zyvox, it is suggested to avoid the consumption of tyramine as it can raise your blood pressure to a dangerous stage.
  • Following are the common food items that are supposed to be avoided while using Zyvox:
    • Soy sauce
    • Tap beer
    • Red wine
    • Aged meat or cheese
    • Pickles, fermented, smokes or aid dried meat
    • Other high protein based food items
  • To avoid the risk of further side effects it is important for you to get familiar with the list of food items you should avoid.
  • Before starting up with your Zyvox medication have a detailed visit with your doctor and let him know about all your medical history and allergies
  • In the case of pregnancy or nursing the newborn, the use of Zyvox is almost prohibited and you need to discuss the matter with the doctor.
  • Mild diarrhea is common with the use of Zyvox but it is getting worst than take anti-diarrhea only with the consultation of your doctor.

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